5 Internet Secrets To Show Off Your Genius!

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Surfing the web might be a straight forward process, you inter your desired website of your choice, press “Go” and boom! you’r there. Internet is an attractive, yet messy and complicated place. Here are 5 amazing tricks that you can use to look like internet boss!

1-Check whether your email is being hacked!

You can check whether if your or your friends emails are compromised to data breach simply go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/, inter the email and click on”pwned?” to see the result. As you can see mine is good!

checking email with pwned

2-Share your wifi connection with friends like a pro!

When your friends come to your house and want to share, you can simply show them a QR code that they can take picture of it and its done, go to https://www.qr-code-generator.com/solutions/wifi-qr-code/, inter your network name and password and network security type, then click on “GENERATE QR CODE” to get your QR code image.

QR code for wifi

3-Use google search internationally

When using google search we normally find google in our country specific, for example, if you are searching from France, you will get www.google.com.fr , if you want to search irrelevant to your country type: www.google.com/ncr

4-Show hidden password like internet guru!

When we login the our favorite website with stored password , password is hidden as an Asterisk (*), to show that password in plain text, just go to the password text box, right click and choose “inspect” to open inspect element window on the browser, never mind the code, just go to highlighted area in the first line change input type ="password" to input type ="text", done! password shows in clear text!

changing password from Asterisk  to text

5-That maze of pages and links to get to delete account page!

Suppose that you are sick and tired form facebook and want to delete your account for good, in most cases it is hard to find that delete page. Well there is an easy way, go to https://backgroundchecks.org/justdeleteme/, let say you want to delete your facebook account, just search for facebook and click on the result and it will direct you to the deletion page, the same for all other famous websites.


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