File Encryption/Decryption With Kleopatra GpG4win

Imagine that you want to send your friend a file that contains private data like passwords for her or him to enter some application, banking transaction record or any other stuff that you wish it to be private. That would certainly be a nightmare , and in the era of global privacy issues, this scenario is becoming increasingly expectation rather than speculation. Continue reading “File Encryption/Decryption With Kleopatra GpG4win”

Identity column big jump solution for SQL server 2014

Many developers reporting that there is a bug in SQL server 2014 in which the id columns with auto increment feature having a big jump every time the server is restarted. Microsoft says that this is a feature rather than a bug. Some developers could live with it, but many others find it very frustrating especially when that column is to be showing in the client application, for instance if this number is used to provide a sequential invoice number. As a developer, you will get a endless stream of support calls about these unexpected jumps. Continue reading “Identity column big jump solution for SQL server 2014”