Google Chrome 76 Is Writing Another Chapter In Adobe Flash Death

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Chrome update 76 is now available. It came with many new features to ensure user privacy and security while using the internet. The publicly desirable Dark Mode is included in this version, the browser from google also oriented to help dodge the paywalls. Google released version 76 of chrome on Tuesday. It patched a fix for loophole that enabled website to check whether the users are browsing in Incognito Mode which will deny sites with paywalls to sense if the privacy feature is enabled at the user’s end.

Adobe Flash is blocked by default with google chrome 76

Google has taken small steps to kill off flash over the last four years. In 2015 , Chrome started automatically pausing less important Flash content. In 2016, Chrome blocking “behind the scenes” Flash content and using HTML5 by default. In July 2017, however, Adobe said it would kill Flash by 2020. With Chrome 76, Flash is now blocked by default. Users can still turn it on in settings, but next year, Flash will be removed from Chrome entirely.

There’s also a change to the Esc button in Chrome 76. many iniquitous sites would build the page so that the button would launch a new pop-up ad. the new update will allow users to fully get out of sites with overwhelming pop-ups.

Dark mode is probably the one feature that will excite developers in 76 updates. It supports a CSS option called “prefers-color-scheme.” When this option is enabled, websites that usually show a white background and black text may switch to a black background and white text (and vice versa). As it’s linked to your Chrome (or even your OS) dark mode preference, you don’t need to toggle anything as the website will handle everything for you.

Dark mode provided by chrome 76

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