How To Automatically Forward Emails From Your Website’s Business Emails To Your Personal Email

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When you have a website for your business, it is common that one may have multiple emails (sales email, customer care email..etc). And sometimes , especially when we are on our personal email all the time and we don’t want the process of entering the cpanel and accessing various emails of our organization which can be a distracting business. Here the email forwarder comes in handy when we want every thing in one page. that what automation is about, to save time and effort right?!

Firstly, we need to add and configure an email FORWARDER. In your website’s cpanel, go under email and find the “Forwarders”. An email forwarder is a functionality that automatically forward emails to one or multiple emails as you wish.

forwarders location in cpanel

Now that you clicked “forwarders”, you will get two options:

  1. To forward all emails that hit a specific email address in your organization such as sales, procurement…etc.
  2. To forward all emails that hit any email address in your organization’s domain.
forwarder choices

Now, to add a forwarder for a specific email address, click “add forwarder” and inter the address you want to forward. In the “Destination” box enter the email that you want your website’s emails to be forwarded to and click on “Add forward” to submit.

To make sure you done correctly, you must see your configuration listed in the forwarder page. You can delete or modify your configuration as you wish.

forwarder configuration is listed

For the second option, it is pretty much the same as forwarding emails from one email in the organization except that all emails that arrive to your various website’s emails will be forwarded to your desired external email.

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