How To Export And Import Your Browser’s Saved Passwords And Bookmarks To Your New Laptop

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Buying new laptop is exciting, but once you get to the browser, you probably feel not like home, all your bookmarks not there, your settings are different form what you use to and you have to enter username/password combo for every single site again. It could be frustrating, we all have been there!

Save your bookmarks and get them to your new laptop

To save your bookmarks (in chrome) :

  • open new tap and type chrome://bookmarks/ in the address bar.
  • At the upper-right corner click on the menu , and choose “Export bookmarks” then save the file to your destination.
  • To import those bookmarks in your new laptop, make the same above step, but now choose “import bookmarks” instead.
  • When asked for the bookmark get the file that you already saved before.

Export and save your password to the new laptop

Before we start on this one, be cautious because the password exported will be IN PLAIN TEXT so be careful.

  • To export your password, click on , and click on “settings”.
  • Click on passwords, and click on the menu in opposite to “saved password” .
  • Choose “Export Passwords” and the file will be saved in CSV format.
  • To be able to save your passwords to your new laptop, you need to enable “password import” option: type chrome://flags , and search for “password import”. Change it “Enable” and restart chrome, (please don’t play with chrome://flags page, otherwise problems may occur in your browser).
  • Now and as before,got to chrome://settings//passwords, and then in menu in front of “Saved Password”, you will find ” password import” option is available for you.

password export

Enabling password import feature

Congratulations now your browser in your new laptop feel just like home, we focused on chrome because of it is most widely used browser, Firefox is almost the same, in fact, bookmarks and passwords can be imported and exported between Chrome and Firefox(and other browsers) ex changeably.

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