How To “Really” Remove The Undesired “Home” Entry Title From Your WordPress Website’s Homepage

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So you while you are building your WordPress site, and you did an excellent work on your page but you are unable to hide the page entry title right under the navigation bar. you tried searching on the web and in the page customization, you used the famous following additional CSS code:

.entry-title {
display: none;

And nothing changed!. This problem is confusing many of our clients, as well as users with less experience in WordPress and CSS, the above CSS code is great, but is not guaranteed to work in every WordPress theme out there. Here is a simple two steps approach to hide entry title no matter what theme you use.

1- Find out your page id number

You need to get the page id number to make the CSS code target your particular page, finding page id number in WordPress website is easy!. In your WordPress control panel, go to “All Pages” then for the desired page that we want to hide its entry title, click “Edit”. Now in the address bar you can see the page id number.

finding page id number

2- Find out what is the CSS class of the entry title.

Now you need to find the CSS class , the CSS class controls entry title that you want to hide, no worries!, as this one is as simple as finding the page id number!. Select the entry title on your page then right-click and choose “inspect”, a split screen will open up with the page code and will automatically highlight the class name.

Finding entry title CSS class

Now you are all-set, from your WordPress main control panel, choose Appearance then Customize . In the Additional CSS past the following code:

.page-id-47 .page-title{

In the First line my page id is 47, you need to put your own page id, and my page entry CSS class is .page-title and also you need to change it according to what you find in your case.

Remove Undesired “Home” Entry Title From Your WordPress Website
Applying your additional CSS code

These simple to steps should be the easy way to resolve this frustrating issue no matter what type or theme your WordPress site is using.

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