Signal Witnessing Elevated Signup Requests After Being Recommended By Elon Musk and WhatsApp New Controversial Privacy Policy

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Signal, the secure end to end encryption Messenger App is witnessing a remarkable surge of new users signup requests. This sudden growth resulted in phone number verification delays of new accounts from various cell operators allover the world.

Who is responsible for the sudden growth in Signal App Subscriptions?

There are two reasons for the Signal App sudden elevated signup request, WhatsApp new controversial privacy policy, and the CEO of Spacex Elon Musk.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp released a new privacy policy is allowing WhatsApp to share data with Facebook. Facebook says it disclosed these updates last October with revealing of new WhatsApp customer service and shopping features. How ever, this controversy in WhatsApp policy made a considerable slice of its users, such as journalists, scientists,..etc. nervous and think of a secure alternative and here comes Signal Messenger with its compelling features as the right choice leading to a considerable increase in new signup requests.

Elon Musk boost of Signal

Tesla CEO urged his 41.5 Million Tweeter followers to “use Signal”, Musk long known for his criticism of Facebook recently became the world’s richest person, slammed Facebook for helping crowds that stormed the US capitol last week.

And in apparent move to keep the momentum, Signal team disclosed new features such as: Chat wallpapers, adding user About filed, and Animated stickers.

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