How To Integrate Google Analytics With Your WordPress Website

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You got your WordPress website up and running. you went through a hustle of setting up WordPress for your domain, or hired someone to do it for you, but with no clue on how to track you website real time, how many users online?, how many clicks, where your audience are coming from., and many many other analytical queries on your mind. You probably heard or red about the famous google analytics utility to do the job. and in this post, we will explain in simple steps how to setup your google analytics in integrate it with your WordPress website.

Adding website property to google analytics

If you have google account, go to google analytics, and click on Admin where there is gear icon.

Click on create property, choose Web and click Continue button , fill in your website’s name, your website’s URL, Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone, then click on Create button.

Adding your website to google analytics

Getting your tracking code snippet

Now after you added your website’s info, you should be able to find your website listed in the property column, at this column, go to Tracking Info <> click on Tracking Code. a popup side window will show a gtag.js javascript code file, copy that code.

Getting tracking code

Integrating google analytics with the WordPress website

This is the last step, go to your WordPress admin page which is usually is in the following format: https://yourwebsite'surl/wp-admin, and login to your admin account. From setting choose insert headers and footers. Past the code that you copied earlier from google analytics page and click Save

Inserting tracking code

You should now see the data flowing in your google analytics account and you could watch traffic in real time and create customized reports of your choice and many other awesome features.

Data from users visiting

You can also get the google analytics app and monitor the site from the comforts of your bed. a single google analytics account can handle up to 50 websites simultaneously.

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