Monero Mining Enhancement With New xfast1.2 Console Miner Provided By Minergate

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Monero is widely chosen by miners for many reasons: Many experts anticipate bright future for monero, its secure,source payments are totaly anonymous, and perhaps most of all, it’s being CPU mining friendly. Minergate has recently provided new console and GUI mining software for monero known as xFast1.2 miner.

The thing in this version that it is stable and outperform previous versions by providing up to 20% higher hash rate.

I’ll assume that you are a beginner miner and have your mining rig or PC setup, first , you need to create an account with minergate from here

Now, go to download page and click on “CLI miner & versions for other OS” and choose download for your preferred operating system (in this demo I used windows 10 but minergate provide excellent support for other operating systems).

After you unzip the downloaded folder, open the command prompt by going to start menu and go under windows system.

place of command line

Now call the unzipped folder from commander prompt, let say you unzipped it inside “C:” in win.10. open the unzipped folder, go to the navigation bar and choose “Copy address”.

In the command prompt window type cd and right click/past, you will get write under the miner folder.

Now type this command: minergate-cli –user your_email –xmr 2

Here, xmr is typed to tell miner to mine monero, the number “2” is the number of CPU cores involved in mining. If you don’t write the core number, the miner will use all available cores.

The overall process should look something like below snippet

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C:>cd MinerGatexFast-cli-1.2-win64

C:MinerGatexFast-cli-1.2-win64>minergate-cli --user --xmr 2

[2018-11-24 14:12:35] Diff: 1063 CPU/GPU: 43.5 H/s / 0.0 H/s accepted/bad 1/0
[2018-11-24 14:12:36] Diff: 1063 CPU/GPU: 45.2 H/s / 0.0 H/s accepted/bad 1/0
[2018-11-24 14:12:37] Diff: 1063 CPU/GPU: 46.3 H/s / 0.0 H/s accepted/bad 1/0
[2018-11-24 14:12:38] Diff: 1063 CPU/GPU: 46.7 H/s / 0.0 H/s accepted/bad 1/0

Client: running
CPU (2 threads): running

[2018-11-24 14:12:39] Diff: 1063 CPU/GPU: 47.0 H/s / 0.0 H/s accepted/bad 1/0
[2018-11-24 14:12:40] Diff: 1063 CPU/GPU: 47.2 H/s / 0.0 H/s accepted/bad 1/0
[2018-11-24 14:12:41] Diff: 1063 CPU/GPU: 47.2 H/s / 0.0 H/s accepted/bad 1/0
[2018-11-24 14:12:42] Diff: 1063 CPU/GPU: 47.2 H/s / 0.0 H/s accepted/bad 1/0
[2018-11-24 14:12:43] Diff: 1063 CPU/GPU: 47.2 H/s / 0.0 H/s accepted/bad 1/0

Congratulations!!!, now your console miner that mining monero crypto currency is up and running. I addressed the console miner instead of GUI miner because it has slightly better hash rate.

Minergate provides tremendous support regarding mining issues, how to get paid ..etc, also it provides a very good dashboard so I diffidently recommend you to check it out.

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