Adobe Flash Will Die In 2021, Yet There Is A Good News For Flash Games Fans

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In 1996 , Adobe Systems released “Flash” software for animated artwork, but 2020 will witness the end of support for this program.

Flash online games were the first widespread free online games. It required just an Internet connection to operate.

For 20 years, users exchanged these games’s names over the email or SMS because it was impossible to get such games on the stores. In 2017, Adobe Systems announced the halt of Flash support dated at the beginning of 2021, this is about one month from now. This decision means that tens of thousands of games will start to disappear away from the cyberspace.

Saving a Thousand Flash Content

The good news here is the internet archive website announced through Jason Scott that it will emulate Flash animations, games and toys in their software collection.

The solution was the development of Flash emulator called Ruffle, it will make the browser as if it had Flash plugin installed. While Ruffle’s compatibility with Flash is less than 100%, it will accurately play a very large portion of historical Flash animation in the browser .

Scott confirmed that more than thousand Flash-developed content are archived currently, which points out that the organizations may add more.

A Deadly Hit In 2010

Before it was introduced in 1996 as Flash, the software name was “Smart Sketch” in 1993. The program at the time was allowing the display of animated cartoon pictures with good quality and with no need to a high-speed internet connection.

many caricature creators, amateur and professional developers used Smart Sketch to develop an online games that can be played on the web browsers like Netscape Navigator or google chrome. How ever the decision made by apple in 2010 to not allowing its devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod to use Flash was the deadly hit for this old tech.

Adobe Flash Player name was Smart Sketch in 1993

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