5 Free Online Games To Help Your Child Learn Programming

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Learning programming is not only about writing correct language syntax, it is also the skill of understanding the logic behind the code you write, and the ability to analyze the code. The more one have fun with coding the more it’s likely to become a professional programmer in future. The secret for aspiring programmers to become a pros is to write a lot of code. And when considering the fun part of the programming, games are surely a great way for beginners to start their journey of understanding programming , and having fun at the same time.

Here I will provide you with free 5 online games to help your kid to become a future rockstar programmer!.


According to Hackernoon website, CodeMonkey is the first online coding game to learn programming for beginners, because it is very beginner-friendly and requires zero to little knowledge in coding to start. The site provides interactive and funny methods. CodeMonkey improve problem solving and logic skills while having fun.



If you want your child to find a way to improve his/her coding skills, and to learn new concepts, and you feel bored from the traditional teaching methods found in schools, then CodinGame online game is the thing for your kid. This interesting platform gives you interactive and free games to learn more than 25 programming languages such as JavaScript, C# and Ruby.


3- CodeCombat

CodeCombat is a well known online game to teach Python and JavaScript, design for teachers and students as an online game to teach the fundamentals of programming and computer science. Students playing with puzzles and challenges in which you required to write some Python or JavaScript code to solve.

4- Flexbox Froggy

Flexbox Froggy is arguably the funniest game in our list. For many beginners, learning CSS can be boring and tedious, but it’s not the case with Flexbox Froggy, with this simple and funny game, you will help Froggy and his adorable friends by writing CSS codes!.

Flexbox Froggy

5- Code Wars

Code Wars is an online game that based on challenges. Its purpose is to help you improve your coding existing skills. If you want to learn a specific programming language, then you need to pass a basic entry test. once you finish the first couple of stages, you will be confident that there is no better game to build advanced programming skills. Code Wars can teach a variety of programming languages including swift, python, JavaScript, Java, C#, and Ruby.

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